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Engineering services

Engineering services include water provision, sewage removal, stormwater disposal, solid waste removal, ICT and electricity supply.

Integrated Development Plan

An Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is a strategic plan that sets out the development vision for a municipality and guides and informs all planning, budgeting and decision-making related to service delivery and development in the municipal area. The core components of an IDP are described in Chapter 5 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act (No. 32 of 2000).

Spatial Development Framework

SPLUMA requires all three spheres of government to produce Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs). The focus of the three types of SDF differ. The national SDF provides broad strategic direction, provincial SDFs focus on the coordination of spatial development, and a municipal SDF contains detailed plans for the particular area of jurisdiction. Within the municipal sphere, the SDF forms a core component of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and guides the overall spatial distribution of current and desirable land uses within a municipality to give effect to the vision, goals and objectives of the municipal IDP. A detailed description of the content of SDFs is provided in Chapter 4 of SPLUMA.

Acronyms and abbreviations

ARPAlexandra Renewal Project
BEPP Built Environment Performance Plan
BNG Breaking New Ground
CBD Central Business District
GHG Global Greenhouse Gas
IDP Integrated Development Plan
IUDF Integrated Urban Development Framework
NUSP National Upgrading Support Programme
RDP Reconstruction and Development Programme
SDF Spatial Development Framework
UISP Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme



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